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Support Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors and your home team by volunteering at Austin FC matches!


Levy, the food and beverage partner at Q2 stadium, offers fundraising opportunities to non-profit partners like JFON.  In return for running front-of-house for a concession stand, JFON gets 10% of sales from our group's location plus all tips.

In 2021, Austin FC volunteers raised over $31,000!

We're looking for 7-10 volunteers per event to have fun serving together while raising much-needed funds for JFON's mission to welcome immigrants into our community! 

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*Volunteers must be at least 18 years old

*TABC and Food Handling Certification

These trainings take 3+ hours, but do not have to be completed in one sitting. Available as a package for $16.99 - See "Step 2" below. If you need assistance with the cost, email

*Levy Volunteer Training & Policy Acknowledgements


Takes about 30-40 minutes, free and able to be done on a mobile phone.

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You're as excited as we are? Great! Complete the steps below:

If you're a returning Austin FC volunteer and your certificates are still up-to-date, you can skip Step 2 below. However, Levy requires annual training and paperwork (Step 3, upload on Step 4).

Step 1: Fill out the Match Day Availability form to indicate the days you want to reserve a volunteer spot. The form allows for you to include multiple volunteer names, however, each volunteer in your group still needs to complete steps 2, 3, and 4 for themselves. We'll follow up to confirm dates, so it's ok if it's not set in stone!

Step 2: Get your TABC and Food Handling Certification - $16.99 for both certifications provided by "360 Training - Learn to Serve"

Step 3: Complete the Levy NPO Training - for the initial form, select "Q2 Stadium" for Location, and type "Justice for Our Neighbors" for group name.  Review Levy's Volunteer Orientation Paperwork and complete all the signatures. 

Step 4: Fill out the Volunteer Registration form. At this point you will upload your TABC certificate, Food Handler certificate, Levy NPO Training Certificate of Completion, and signed Volunteer Orientation Paperwork. If there's any snag in getting your certificates to upload, please email them to, and we'll get them uploaded for Levy.

Signup Links

Answers to FAQs

  • Volunteer check-in usually starts about 3 hours before the match starts in order to give everyone time to get oriented and set up in the stand before gates open 1-1.5 hours before the game. Check-in times are listed on the Match Availability Form and are confirmed by email in the lead-up to your volunteer date(s).

  • If you are going to need to check in late, you can let us know ahead of time at or contact the Team Leader as outlined in your confirmation email by text or phone day-of.

  • Volunteers should plan for 5 hours of total time, though it may be shorter. 

  • Volunteer Parking is provided; instructions for parking will be included in your confirmation email.

  • Uniform is black pants or shorts (jeans and leggings count), and closed-toe non-slip shoes (preferably black, but the more important part is that they are closed-toe and have traction); the stadium has had a hiccup on shirts (continued supply chain issues), so right now they are asking volunteers to wear a black shirt if they have one.

  • Q2 Stadium is a cashless venue, so no need to worry about the math of making change; information during Levy training on cash handling does not apply to this venue.

  • A "family meal" is included at check-in; volunteers get a 15-minute break at some point, though bathroom and water breaks happen when you need them!

  • Alcohol shutoff and all sales stop at the 80th minute when clean-up for shutdown can begin in earnest; if we restock as we go, then clean-up is quicker at the end of the night.

Have more questions? Send an email to with "Austin FC" in the subject line!

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