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Some common events we partner hosting with community groups:

Immigration 101 - A brief history of immigration in the United States and an overview of the requirements and benefits (or really, lack of benefits) afforded to different immigration statuses under U.S. law

Immigration Myth-busting - Deconstructing common misinformation about the immigration system, especially in regards to asylum, and equipping with data and anecdotal evidence of the contrasting truths


Advocacy Training - Orienting and organizing individuals into groups to prepare for emergency and sustained advocacy. 

JFON Intro - Who we are and what immigration work we currently do (great for small groups that are looking to get integrated in immigration service)

Panel participant - We are grateful for invitations to share as a panelist at community events

Faith-based events - Our executive director is ordained clergy in the United Methodist Church, often scheduling preaching and teaching events in local churches and ministry groups, including one-day and multi-week Bible studies, youth group, college ministries, mission moments, and more.

Tabling at events - Invitations to host a table and provide information to participants at conventions, meetings, etc. are a great way for us to connect with folks one-on-one about the work we do and ways they can get involved with immigration justice work.

Speaker Request Form

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School presentations - Whether history, government, global studies, sociology, public policy, economics, community engagement and service, there's a lot of ways immigration justice integrates into the classroom.

We've even been invited to share at a party in lieu of gifts for the birthday boy!

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