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"The Truth in Our Stories"

A collaborative project by The Undocumented Stories and Justice for Our Neighbors of Austin, made by possible by a grant from the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life through the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation

Book Description

The Truth in Our Stories is a book that presents twelve compelling stories highlighting the immigrant experience, centering the voices of immigrants in their own words. These testimonies are unapologetically honest and reveal the horrid conditions and crippling fear that continue to characterize the lives of immigrants.

Yet, there is hope.

These stories challenge the public narrative about immigrants and dismantle the myths that lead to their persecution. While the stories shared in this book are full of hardship, the immigrants who share them shine with resilience and fortitude. As the fight for immigrant rights continues unfolding, we hope this book will help restore a sense of shared humanity and passion for dignity and justice for immigrant neighbors.

Listen to these voices; the truth is right here in our stories.

Fight injustice through immigrants' voices & expand legal services
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Julie Fuschak

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Central Texas

Methodist Federation

for Social Action

CenTex MFSA supports "The Truth in Our Stories" in memory of 

Julie Fuschak, a passionate supporter of Austin Region JFON and an instrumental figure in organizing clinics in Georgetown, Texas during ARJFON's early years.

Eight of the immigrants featured in the book share their story in video format. Each of their stories can be viewed in full, separately, or in a 55-minute video that shares portions of each video story.

We can facilitate or help equip you to facilitate a discussion of The Truth in Our Stories using a combination of video, book, and processing questions.

  • The extended format focuses on reading 1 story from the book in preparation for gathering and watching 2 video stories together with discussion over 4 weeks. 

  • The one-day format involves watching the 55-min. format composite film together followed by processing and discussion, with the book as a take-home resource.

More Resources

A downloadable discussion guide is in development.

Sign up for a theological reflection course featuring The Truth in Our Stories book and videos through Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Presbyterian Theologial Seminary.

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