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Book - The Truth in Our Stories

Book - The Truth in Our Stories


The Truth in Our Stories highlights the voices of twelve immigrants, fighting injustice by sharing their immigration experiences in their own words. Too often we hear talk about immigration without centering the voices of immigrants themselves. These individuals share horrifying truths of abuse and discrimination as well as powerful contributions and dreams, all of which challenge the misshapen narrative about immigrants in the United States. 


The book begins with an introduction to the history of immigration in the United States and follows up on the stories by connecting them with comprehensive data on how immigrants in the United States contribute, provide, and deserve dignity and justice, then concludes with a challenge to the reader. 


The back of the book includes a QR code that leads to further resources to process and discuss the book's contents, including videos and discussion guides. The authors' intent is to continue to add resources to keep readers connected to up-to-date and helpful content.



This book was made possible through a grant from the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life and the generosity of the Henry Luce Foundation.

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