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National Justice for Our Neighbors (NJFON) is committed to promoting policies that restore human dignity, center community well-being, and prioritize equity and harm reduction in the U.S. immigration system. Our advocacy efforts will center the voices and imaginations of immigrants to determine a future in which everyone can thrive. 


In 2021, we are energized and ready to fight for a breakthrough that legalizes millions of neighbors. We cannot let what happened in the past happen again. It is time to repair our broken and outdated immigration system.


With undocumented communities at the center of this network-wide advocacy initiative, we plan on mobilizing our communities to lobby legislators in as many states as we can for a week of action. We also aim to have op-eds written by site leadership, clients and faith leaders and build the capacity of our supporters to host virtual prayer vigils and engage in social media. We will partner with the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) to execute this initiative and engage in our advocacy alongside members of United Methodist Rapid Response Teams.


This coordinated advocacy effort aims to create permanent pathways to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants settled here.


We must have a system that recognizes all of us. Our dignity. Our contributions. Our voices. Our future. All of us. It is time.

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Meeting ID: 851 7238 6308

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All of Us Advocacy

Meeting with Jack Youngblood of Senator Cornyn's office

Many thanks to Kendall, Clayton, and Sarah for taking the lead on framing a good conversation with the legislative representative from Sen. Cornyn's office. We shared points of the bill with stories that illustrate the need for legislative reform, and we pressed for comprehensive action. Folks from Austin and El Paso JFONs will join together for a phone call with a representative from Senator Cruz's office on Friday, June 11.

Plans for follow-up meetings to continue to press for support are already in the works!


Do you want to join in this good follow-up work with legislators? Email

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Claudia, NJFON Advocacy Consultant:, Rebecca, Organizing Director at GBCS: or Melissa, NJFON Deputy Director:

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