Register a Comment against the Expansion of Expedited Removal!

The Department of Homeland Security released an expansion to expedited removal on July 23, 2019. Implementation was authorized effective immediately, though actual implementation is rumored to begin Friday, September 27th.

What is expedited removal? A fast-track deportation order by an ICE or CBP agent without a hearing, without a judge, without appeal.

The prior policy only applied to people who:
1. Entered without inspection within the last two weeks
2. Were arrested by ICE or CBP within 100 miles of the border
OR are stopped at Port of Entry without proper visa or papers*

*If the person expresses a fear of return to their country, they are referred to an asylum screening process called a credible fear interview. They will be detained until this interview occurs.

The new policy for expedited removal applies to people who:
1. Entered without inspection within the last two years
2. Are arrested anywhere in the U.S.
OR are stopped at Port of Entry without proper visa or papers 

    (this has not changed)

Suggested Comments

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I am against this expansion of expedited removal for the following reasons:

  • The policy expansion is ineffective for the supposed population it targets. Instead, immigrants who are not subject to expedited removal but who do not know the parameters of this complicated law will unfairly and unlawfully be placed in expedited removal at the whim of individual agents without sufficient oversight or access to legal assistance before removal is enacted. 

  • How does the Department of Homeland Security suggest a person go about proving they have been in the US continuously for two years and prove they have not been out of the country? What can be kept with a person at all times to prove such a thing? This is an unreasonable expectation.

  • This policy will subject individuals in the asylum process and those who have been here far longer than two years to harassment and trauma at the whim of an ICE or CBP agent, possibly enabling their removal before they can prove they aren't even subject to expedited removal. This creates  more fear and mistrust of authority instead of cooperation in the immigrant community, as we've already seen with other policies.

  • The expansion of the policy to individuals anywhere in the country will create another great expense to the tax payers of our nation as the cost to carry out the expedited removal policy goes up.

It also creates mistrust of authority when the DHS chooses not to hear public comments before enacting a policy instead of after. I appreciate the opportunity to register my disgust and anger about this significant expansion of an already unreasonable and unjust policy now, but hope the department will remember the voice of the people whom you represent and protect in future.